Integra Companies is now Avantor Fluid Handling.

Introducing Avantor Fluid Handling

Over the past five years, VWR, part of Avantor, became a leader in single-use and fluid handling solutions with success attributed, in part, to the capabilities acquired from Integra Companies, STI Components, PAW BioScience, and JM Separations.

Beginning in June 2019, Integra Companies, LLC (Integra Companies), STI Components, LLC (STI Components) and PAW BioScience Products, LLC (PAW BioScience) will be consolidated under one legal entity, Avantor Fluid Handling, LLC. The JM Separations B.V. (JM Separations) legal entity will be changed to Avantor Fluid Handling B.V.

These changes not only represent Avantor's evolution and overall focus on improving global supply chain capabilities, quality systems and innovation following the merger with VWR in 2017, but also how we hope to better serve customers as a result of the growing adoption of single-use and fluid-handling technologies in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Customers will benefit from increased flexibility in production scheduling for our manufactured single-use and fluid-handling products, access to an expanded range of single-use and fluid-handling components that can be used to innovate manufacturing processes, and improved customer service though the integration of ERP systems.

We will continue to honor your existing commercial terms and no changes will be made to:

  • How you work with our customer service and sales teams;
  • Product quality and manufacturing;

More Information

We will continue to ensure the same high-quality service and support that you have come to expect, and will provide more information to help you prepare for these changes.

Should you have additional questions, comments or concerns, please contact your Avantor representative or see the following frequently asked questions.