Bio-Simplex™ Manifolds

Bio-Simplex™ Manifold Systems have revolutionized the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process by eliminating the cumbersome manual assembly of tubing, hose barbs, tie wraps and other connecting devices and the costly failures associated with those methods.

The unique molding process creates a totally seamless fluid path and eliminates the possibility of path obstruction, fluid holdup or loss, cell damage, or connection failures. Its construction strength exceeds burst pressure of the tubing. Single use feature eliminates the need for cleaning and the risk of cross-contamination –– resulting in lower production costs and ease of validation. The unobstructed inner bore allows smooth fluid flow and improved drainability like no other thermoplastic system available.

Complete line of standard and custom manifold components and assemblies are available and configured to your exact production needs. Bio-Simplex™ Manifolds are available individually packaged or as a complete sterile assembly, including filters, bottles and/or bags.

Made from pharmaceutical grade thermoplastic elastomers including C-Flex®, ADCF C-Flex® and Santoprene. Bio-Simplex™ Manifolds are manufactured exclusively by J&J Scientific Products, Inc. in accordance with strict FDA cGMPs.


  • Allows unlimited number of samples to be taken without compromising product sterility.
  • Can be used with syringes, bottles or bags.
  • Bio-Simplex Manifolds can be designed in multiple configurations for filling or sampling.

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