Purity, Quality, and Traceability for the Biopharmaceutical Industry


Over 20 years serving biopharmaceutical companies

At Integra, we know the biopharmaceutical industry.  In fact, we grew up with it.  Starting over 20 years ago with a few small, unknown companies in the Greater Boston area, we gained valuable insight into the unique needs and requirements of the industry.  Today, many of these “unknown” companies have become household names and rank among the largest biopharmaceutical producers in the world. 

While these early companies were learning the intricacies of biopharmaceutical processing, Integra was right next to them also learning - solving problems and growing into the company we are today.  Integra is the Northeast’s leader in high purity fluid handling.  We have the most comprehensive offering with products from recognized industry leaders, plus we have pioneered new solutions through years of work with our colleagues in manufacturing sites throughout the area. 

Critical Processes Call for Critical Performance

Integra knows that products used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities must meet the industries needs for purity, traceability, cleanability, and durability. In fact, our company was shaped and formed by the biopharmaceutical industry and we’ve aligned our culture, business structure and product offerings to meet the needs of our customers. 

We are anchored by a quality department that is unparalleled in our line of work; and all of our procedures are fully documented with validated processes where applicable.  This attention to detail provides reliable, consistent and traceable results; every time, without exception.  Nothing leaves Integra without the correct certification documents in the package, and all associated backup information on file. 

Our people understand this, live it and don’t know any other way to do it, because service is the cornerstone of our commitment.

Our team is committed to providing the expertise and application support you need to help you find the best solution from our diverse product line. We employ a multi-level approach that starts with our account managers and is backed by our product management, engineering, quality, customer service and production departments.  Our account teams have had countless hours of training, from product education and bioprocess manufacturing certification, to industry events and seminars.  While this philosophy comes at a considerable cost, we believe that the only way to be a true partner with our customers is to understand their applications and speak their language.  Rest assured that when you partner with Integra, you will collaborate with a highly-trained group of fluid-handling experts who are dialed into the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Contact our experts to learn more about our biopharm solutions, including hoses and single-use assemblies, or download our Biopharm Line Card.

Integra is a proud U.S. Master distributor of James Walker sanitary gaskets.

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