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BioShell™ Single-Use Bag Protection Systems

BioShell™ is a revolutionary container system designed to protect single use bags during storage, handling and shipping. High-purity, dual-density foam construction can withstand multiple impacts at -70°C.

Depending on your protection needs you may choose from the original BioShell™ or the BioShell™ Suspension Pack.

Each BioShell™ is custom created for user’s bags, equipment and processes. With its adjustable thermal conductivity, BioShell™ can adhere to any freeze/thaw cycle. User specific bag dimensions, port and hose locations, storage, handling and transportation equipment determine each design. The single-piece system follows bag’s contours and braces it without additional internal components or dunnage. 

BioShell™ has a dual-density foam construction. The inner layer is soft and provides the cushioning required during accidental drops. The outer shell is of a firm, high density foam that gives BioShell its structural integrity and puncture resistance. Even at -80°C, the system retains its flexible cushioning properties to protect bags against multiple impacts. BioShell™ is made from lightweight foam that significantly reduces shipping costs compared to heavier solid plastic materials. Nestable and stackable design minimizes space required in storage and transportation. 

BioShell™ is made using high-purity, non-particulating, clean room suitable foam. Foam is converted from rigid plastic using only nitrogen without any traditional, usually toxic, foaming agents. It is shipped clean room-ready.

BioShell™ Suspension Pack advances bag protection through a unique suspension design.  Bags are enveloped tightly in a durable film that suspends products within a polycarbonate shell.  The suspension film absorbs shocks during impact allowing bags to move within a cushion of air. This prevents damage by eliminating contact with the shell.

BioShell™ Suspension Pack allows for exceptional versatility.  Varying sized bags – at any fill level – can be loaded into the same shell without compromising security.  The shell can be used as a process tray for liquid bags as well as for freezing, storage and transportation.  And a stackable design increases efficiency and reduces wasted space.

BioShell™ Suspension Pack is designed to offer maximum protection and flexibility in a universal storage container.  Advanced protection starts today.

Integra is proud to be a UFP Technologies distributor.

See the BioShell™ Suspension Pack in action!