Integra Companies is becoming Avantor Fluid Handling.

Custom Single-Use Solutions

Expertise, Choice, Service.

Our approach does not start with the products we have to sell, they begin with the application you need to DSC_0150_1.jpgaddress. We work with you to understand your goals, the environment and the intricacies of the application. One of the challenges many manufacturers face is connecting all of the various systems in a reliable, reproducible manner. The number of methods is simply staggering both for interfacing with the process as well as interconnecting the various components. This is why our dedicated engineering team works side by side with your engineers, quality department and process development team to create a robust single-use system.

As an unbiased integrator of Single-Use Solutions, Integra focuses on meeting your process needs, specifications and requirements. We achieve this by offering a wide range of component options from best in class manufacturers supported by a robust supplier management program. The strength and depth of our diversified portfolio ensures only the most appropriate items are incorporated into the design of your custom system resulting in a secure, reliable single-use assembly that achieves your desired results.

At Integra we aren’t just delivering you a product, we are your connections to help accelerate your scientific innovation. Our differentiated services go beyond a custom product. Our team provides the technical support, customer service and logistical planning so you can focus on your core business. Our dedicated technical support team can discuss chemical compatibility concerns to on-site consultation related to your single-use processing needs. The highly responsive sales team is always available to provide unparalleled pre & post sales support.





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