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Guidelines for gaskets and O-rings in bioprocessing applications


Performance of gaskets and O-rings in terms of long sealing and purity is of vital importance to bioprocess applications. Since seals are primarily manufactured from elastomeric materials, a basic understanding of the composition of elastomers along with concepts for evaluating both performance and purity is necessary to make an informed decision for your application. 

The following links contain excellent reference material related to elastomers and their effects on seal performance:

Elastomer Basics - The basic composition and formulation of elastomers is often misunderstood.  Learn more about this topic and how it can effect your process.

Evaluating Gasket and O-ring Performance and Purity - Learn about important factors related to gasket and O-ring performance along with guidelines for analysis.

Evaluating Elastomer Purity - Understanding the puirty of all materials in a bioprocess application is critical. 

Hygienic Clamp Unions and Torque Requirements - Learn the basic torque requirements of hygienic clamp unions, how much torque to apply and typical torque settings.