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Hose Racks & JO-Dolly™ Tank Dolly FAQs


We do our best to help you make informed decisions and we hope that answers to common Hose Rack and JO-Dolly™ questions like these will empower you to get what you need quickly.

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Are JO-Dolly™ Tank Dollies appropriate for cleanroom use?

Absolutely! The JO-Dolly™ stainless steel tank dolly was designed to be the ideal cleanroom dolly. The 304SS electropolished construction is non-particulating, corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The casters are entirely grease free. All wheels are non-marking.

Why use 304 stainless steel with an electropolished finish for tank dollies and hose racks?

We have made products from other grades of stainless and finishes but have found that electropolished 304SS provides the best combination of corrosion resistance, cleanability and value. Our stainless steel Hose Racks and JO-Dolly™ tank dollies are often used in areas exposed to a variety of clean-in-place (CIP) and clean-out-of-place (COP) chemicals. Not only will 304SS EP withstand these conditions, it will continue to look good doing so.

How do I size the opening in my JO-Dolly™ tank dolly?

We recommend adding 1/4" to the tank outside diameter (OD) when specifying the opening of the dolly. This allows for sufficient clearance when inserting the tank while still maintaining a secure fit. With plastic vessels, it is important to consider the OD near the bottom of the dolly as considerable variation can exist.

How long will my Hose Racks last?

There is not an exact answer to this question, however, our hose racks have been in use for over 25 years. The rugged design and stainless steel construction prevents damage and corrosion.