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Common Industry Terms

We do our best to help you make informed decisions and we hope that meanings to common industry terms like these will ensure you to get a better understanding of their meanings.

Q.  What does Ra (roughness average) mean?

A.  Ra = Roughness Average

On a microscopic level, stainless steel is not perfectly smooth. Ra indicates the average distance between the peaks and valleys of the surface.

Measured in

  • micro-inches (millionths of an inch)
  • and Grit which measures the texture of the surface.

For roughness average, the lower the value the smoother the finish. Conversely, when reading grit, the higher the value, the smoother the finish.

Basic Sheet Designation Grit Size Ra
#2B -- 50
-- 150 30
#4 180 20
#6 240 16
#8 320 10
-- 400 7
-- 600 5

Q.  What does Flare-Thru mean?

A.  Flare-Thru construction means that the Fluoropolymer tube of the hose is actually drawn through the fitting and flared out over the sealing surface of the fitting. This method eliminates contact of the media with the stainless steel fitting. The transferred media contact only the Fluoropolymer inner core.

This constuction provides additional corrosion resistance, perfect for highly corrosive applications or applications where stainless steel will just not work. It is much less expensive than the PFA Fluoropolymer encapsulated alternative and most special alloys.

Flare-thru is available using several different hose styles, and currently female camlock, flange, sanitary and I-line style fittings. Another great feature of Flare-Thru is the fact that it eliminates the transition from hose to fitting, allowing greater flow with no area of entrapment!