Integra Companies is now Avantor Fluid Handling.

Top performing sealing solutions from James Walker

As the US Master Distributor for James Walker, a global leader in the development and compounding of specialized, high-performance elastomers, we are proud to offer total sealing solutions that bring peace of mind to our customers.

James Walker has been at the forefront of materials technology for over 125 years and offers premium sanitary gaskets and o-rings for use in the biopharmaceutical industry. James Walker sanitary gaskets use Elast-O-Pure® EP75B, an elastomer developed specifically for the critical needs of the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries.

Elastomer materials science and fluid dynamics expertise

James Walker has unrivalled experience in the field of high-performance elastomers and how they are applied in fluid sealing applications. James Walker has been a trusted supplier to the bioprocessing industry, offering a specialized line of Elast-O-Pure™ Class VI and FDA compliant special formulations of EPDM and Silicone. These have been specifically compounded to ensure the purity and integrity of process fluids and to extend service life in challenging applications such as SIP processes and CIP chemicals.

No-compromise philosophy on quality

Design, development and production of all high-performance elastomers is based at James Walker's state-of-the-art Materials Technology Center in Cumbria, UK. All critical manufacturing steps from compounding to production are controlled in-house to the highest quality standards under an ISO 9001:2000 system. This focus on manufacturing control allows James Walker to consistently deliver superior quality and fully traceable products. Certificates of compliance are provided with all products.