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Quality Sealing Solutions Combined with Full Traceability

Learn more about our James Walker Gaskets and O-Rings

Gaskets and O-Rings that deliver priceless performance

Our alliance with global leader James Walker brings you sealing solutions that are not only the best in quality control, but offer consistent performance and full traceability.  Our partnership guarantees that your products undergo the most rigorous testing in the industry, because…

...Not all sealing solutions are created equally

We are proud to carry James Walker’s line of seals and gaskets with Elast-O-Pure®, an elastomer specially-developed for for bioprocess applications.  Because James Walker has a highly-controlled manufacturing process - monitoring every step from the quality of the ingredient mix to the compounding and molding – purity and longevity are guaranteed.  All components are fully-traceable and arrive with certificates of compliance.

You can be certain that when you purchase sealing solutions from Integra, your seals will deliver consistent,true performance, every time. With our industry specific elastomer compounds, our sanitary gaskets and O-rings prevent intrusion into the process and have 50% less extractables than standard seals.  With extended service life and require little maintenance, you get a significantly lower total cost of ownership. We have the data to prove it. 

Isn’t that priceless performance?

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