Integra Companies is now Avantor Fluid Handling.

Single-use assemblies and systems


Since a single-use system is only as strong as its weakest connection, choosing a partner that fully understands these connections is of utmost importance.

Avantor’s single-use solutions enable biopharmaceutical manufacturers to implement technologies that help to reduce contamination risk, improve resource efficiency, and lower labor and energy costs. We can help you develop the best total single-use solution that matches your specific needs. To understand more about some of the connection considerations, download our Single-Use Connections Guide.

Our products range from simple tubing sets to customized manifolds consisting of filters, bottles, bags and a variety of specialty connectors. Assembly options include molding fittings directly onto the tubing and a variety of tubing retainer products for use with barbed fittings. Assemblies can be designed for autoclave applications or can be provided gamma irradiated with complete sterility validation support data.