Integra Companies is becoming Avantor Fluid Handling.

Single-Use Capabilities

DSC_0144_1.jpgIntegra Single-Use Solutions enables biopharmaceutical manufacturers to implement single use technologies that reduce contamination risk, improve resource efficiency, and lowers labor and energy costs. Our solution provides product choice, services, and the expertise to help navigate through the various fluid handling challenges, component options and quality and regulatory compliance constraints of the single-use world. At Integra, our goal is to help accelerate your scientific innovation by providing solutions that allow you to focus on your work and keep your production line running.

Through our single-use solutions, we can help solve unique problems in all areas of a biopharmaceutical manufacturing operation. Our capabilities in the custom single-use transfer and collection assemblies include:

  • Buffer & Media Transfer
  • Sterile Filtration
  • Bioreactor Feed & Harvest
  • Chromatography & Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Aseptic Sampling
  • Bulk Drug Substance
  • Sterile Filling
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