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Single-Use System Guidelines

Single-use products have altered Bioprocessing systems in profound ways including reducing risks,improving resource efficiency, and lowering labor and energy costs. As this area of the industry matures, more and more unit operations are moving toward single-use models. But for many manufacturers a number of questions remain. See our guides for excellent reference material to help you gain a better understanding of the single-use connections and solutions that Integra offers to help you Get Connected!

Single-Use Connections

Download this guide to learn why connections are the weakest link in most single-use systems, how tie-wraps/cable ties are a poor choice and for a complete comparison of connector options.

Pinch Clamps

Not sure what type of pinch clamp to use for your application? Our pinch clamp guide will provide all of the necessary information to help determine the pinch clamp that best fits your application.

Pure-Fit® TC Standard Size Tube Clamps
These tube clamps come in two standard sizes (3/8" and 3/4") to accommodate a wide range of tubing products.

Pure-Fit® TCL Large Tube Clamps
These large tube clamps are available in two sizes to accommodate a wide range of thick wall tubing and can be used with up to 2.0" O.D. tubing.

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