Customized Solutions for Specialty Markets

Put Our Experience to Work for You

With almost 40 years in the fluid-handling business and a highly-experienced team of professionals always looking for a new challenge, there is very little that we haven’t seen in some form or another.  By combining products and technologies from a host of industries, suppliers and partners, almost anything is possible.  Our application stories range from metal hose for high vacuum and cryogenic applications to custom-formulated tubing for demanding applications — Integra has a wide-range of capabilities.

As important as developing a solution is being able to reproduce it the same way again and again.  Integra’s commitment to quality and can-do culture makes that happen.  All procedures are fully documented with validated processes where applicable.  Traceability is maintained through all steps so there are no doubts. 

If your company is struggling with a fluid handling problem, contact one of our Experts — chances are we can help find a solution. 

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