Integra Companies is now Avantor Fluid Handling.

T-Tubes® Advanced Cleanroom Pipe Insulation

T-Tubes® by UFP Technologies are the world's first closed-cell insulation system specifically designed for use in cleanroom environments. The new T-Tubes have been improved with a flexible Kynar® PVDF film that has made this superior product perform even better. 


  • Durability: The new film surface is flexible and puncture resistant. It allows for bending and flexing, and rebounds after impact.
  • Cleanability: The smooth film provides an easy-to-clean surface free of cracks and cavitites that can withstand harsh cleaning agents.
  • Tape Performance: The even, glossy finish of T-Tubes allows for pressure sensitive tape to adhere securely.
  • Aesthetics: With the new resilient surface, T-Tubes not only deliver the cleanroom performance, but provide the look and feel as well.