TerraMark™ Tank Labeling System

Terracon is proud to introduce the TerraMark™ permanent identification system for plastic products, the first of its kind in the pharmaceutical industry. TerraMark™ is a proprietary process of permanently applying chemical-resistant color-coded labels to plastic tanks and components, allowing permanent identification and tracking information to be affixed. Color-coding provided quick visual reference to prevent cross-contamination errors at every handling stage.

Current methods of identifying plastic components include taping labels on, scratching numbers or letters into the tank or spray painting through stencils. All of these methods have their drawbacks. The composition of plastic does not lend itself well to permanent adhesion of labels. Color applied to scratched-in areas fades over time with handling and washing of the plastic component and may not be legible. Stenciling may not stand up to product spills, splashes or repeated cleaning. Existing mold-in labels require minimum quantities and do not offer the flexibility of TerraMark™.

TerraMark™ is the only product that can label permanently with no product contact and offers a professional appearance with no minimum quantity in a cost effective manner. TerraMark™ is especially suited for the pharmaceutical industry where identification errors can have costly ramifications, but has applications in other industries as well. TerraMark™'s fleixibility and Terracon's fast turnaround means every tank can be uniquely marked in a cost-effective manner.

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